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Want to add mouldings to your home? Or restore ones which may have been lost in renovations. Our expert guide covers everything you need to know about choosing, restoring and installing mouldings.

Coving or cornicing is perfect for mirroring skirting and hiding joins and cracks between the ceiling and walls and help make rooms more intimate. Ceiling roses and domes tidy the area around the mounting of a light fitting. Grander projects, whole ceilings can become features. Staying true to the style of your home and its period, as well as creating a balance in the proportions of the mouldings, is the key to success.

Plaster is perfect for mouldings as it can be used for both mass-produced and bespoke designs and can easily be re-sized and shaped in the production process.

Some fibrous plaster mouldings are readily available to replace missing sections and Hodkin & Jones will reproduce plasterwork using moulds taken from existing items.

If you are looking for mouldings to match original designs already in your home, or for something more specific, Hodkin & Jones will make them to match.