Used to decorate walls and ceilings our range of ribbon plaster panel and dado mouldings feature the following designs - reeded ribbon, small leaf and ribbon, grand ribbon and reed, cross ribbon flower and coiled reed and ribbon. All designs are hand crafted from high quality fibrous plaster and can be supplied, fitted and delivered by our experienced team – contact us for more details.

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Plaster Dado P2017 - Length 1735mm, Depth 44mm, Projection 22mm
£10.50 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2020 - Length 1810mm, Depth 48mm, Projection 14mm
£10.50 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2030 - Length 2000mm, Depth 63mm, Projection 37mm
£25.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2034 - Length 1170mm, Depth 65mm, Projection 32mm
£10.50 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2038 - Length 1965mm, Depth 86mm, Projection 46mm
£16.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2042 - Length 1985mm, Depth 94mm, Projection 32mm
£14.00 excl VAT