For those looking for simple yet elegant designs to decorate interior room walls and ceilings Hodkin and Jones offer a range of plain panel and dado mouldings. A supply only or supply and fit service is available with all of our hand crafted fibrous plaster mouldings.

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Plaster Dado P2041- Length 2170mm, Depth 91mm, Projection 27mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Panel P2025 - Length 1820mm, Depth 56mm, Projection 13mm
£10.50 excl VAT
Plaster Panel P2019 - Length 2440mm, Depth 46mm, Projection 22mm
£11.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2008 - Length 2000mm, Depth 34mm, Projection 21mm
£11.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2014 - Length 1960mm, Depth 41mm, Projection 18mm
£11.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2015 - Length 1990mm, Depth 42mm, Projection 15mm
£10.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2018 - Length 2290mm, Depth 46mm, Projection 22mm
£11.00 excl VAT