Panel and Dado

Panel and dado fibrous plaster mouldings are perhaps the most luxurious of all the details that can be employed to create a most magnificent interior. Many of the panel and dado plaster moulding designs presented here have been developed to co-ordinate with the Simply Elegant plaster cornice range to ensure that a complete interior scheme can be created. Panel and dado plaster mouldings can be used to divide an uninspiring wall, while plaster panel mouldings - with matching plasterĀ corner blocks or quadrants - present opportunities for the inspired designer to create something spectacular. These can complement or enhance an overall colour or design theme, or bring attention to particular architectural aspects of the scheme.

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Lattice Infill Panel

Plaster Panel - 690mm wide x 740mm high x 32mm projection
£79.00 excl VAT

Plain Dado

Plaster Dado P2041- Length 2170mm, Depth 91mm, Projection 27mm
£15.50 excl VAT

Reed & Ribbon Panel

Plaster Panel P2022 - Length 1790mm, Depth 48mm, Projection 25mm
£9.50 excl VAT

Reeded Ribbon Panel

Plaster Dado P2017 - Length 1735mm, Depth 44mm, Projection 22mm
£9.50 excl VAT

Ribbon & Flower Panel

Plaster Panel P2024 - Length 1832mm, Depth 51mm, Projection 29mm
£9.50 excl VAT

Bead & Swirl Dado

Plaster Dado P2040 - Length 2059mm, Depth 91mm, Projection 21mm
£17.10 excl VAT