Hodkin and Jones offer a range of panel and dado mouldings in a variety of designs, including Aztec, Bolection Mould, Greek and Rope. All Hodkin and Jones fibrous plaster panel and dado rails can be supplied and fitted if required, get in touch for more information.

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Bolection Mould Panel

Plaster Dado P2015 - Length 1990mm, Depth 42mm, Projection 15mm
£9.10 excl VAT

Medium Round Panel

Plaster Dado P2018 - Length 2290mm, Depth 46mm, Projection 22mm
£9.80 excl VAT

Rope Panel

Plaster Dado P2028 - Length 1810mm, Depth 59mm, Projection 22mm
£13.00 excl VAT

Progressive Panel

Plaster Dado P2037 - Length 1899mm, Depth 83mm, Projection 20mm
£15.50 excl VAT

Aztec Dado

Plaster Dado P2045 - Length 2030mm, 100mm Depth, Projection 24mm
£15.50 excl VAT

Greek Key with Motif Panel

Plaster Dado P2048 - Length 1743mm, Depth 106mm, Projection 21mm
£13.00 excl VAT