Our Simply Elegant range of fibrous plaster niches are the perfect means of creating a focal point in any wall, hallway or gallery, regardless of size. Whether plaster niches are used for the permanent display of treasured objects, or simply as an excuse to display generous flower arrangements, they are certain to enhance any area. Most models are supplied with glass shelves and a frosted glass base, beneath which gentle illumination may be concealed. Please contact our technical department before ordering to ensure that your chosen plaster niche is suitable for the application you have in mind. *SOLID BASE - Solid Plaster Niche *NON SOLID BASE - Illuminated Glass

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Plain Face Niche

Fibrous Plaster Plain Face Niche


Fibrous Plaster Niche - Turino

Mirror Niche

Fibrous Plaster Mirror Niche


Fibrous Plaster Niche - Sorrento


Fibrous Plaster Niche - Genoa


Fibrous Plaster Niche - Roma