Lighting Troughs

Lighting Troughs are cornices that are specially designed to allow low energy LED lighting to be installed, typically casting light in an upward direction towards the ceiling. If downward lighting is required please fill in our enquiry form or call 01246 290890.

Lighting troughs can provide additional or alternative lighting to a room, while the trough decoratively enhances the join between the wall and ceiling. We have supplied lighting troughs on many projects including the All England Tennis Club, home to the Wimbledon Championships, and the luggage department of Harrod’s famous Knightsbridge department store.

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Lighting Trough Cornice LT1 - 134mm Projection x 140mm Depth x 3000mm Length
£44.00 excl VAT
Lighting Trough Cornice LT2 - 140mm Projection x 141mm Depth x 1832mm Length
£32.00 excl VAT
Lighting Trough Cornice LT3 - 125mm Projection x 147mm Depth x 1784mm Length
£32.00 excl VAT