Originating from the middle of the 19th Century, Gothic interiors have remained a popular choice in coving design. Gothic plaster mouldings are known for their ornate decorations, featuring elaborate carvings and patterns, pointed arches, roses and spirals to bring a sense of grandeur and drama to a room.

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Small Gothic Plaster Cornice

Gothic Cornice C0012 - 52mm Projection x 98mm Depth x 2893 mm Length
£32.10 excl VAT

Gothic Plaster Cornice

Gothic Cornice C0013 - 87mm Projection x 140mm Depth x 2840mm Length
£34.30 excl VAT

Deep Vault & Rib Plaster Cornice

Gothic Cornice C0014 - 135mm Projection x 210mm Depth x 3030mm Length
£49.00 excl VAT

Rib & Vault Plaster Cornice

Gothic Cornice C0015 - 150 mm Projection x 215mm Depth x 3060 mm Length
£49.00 excl VAT

Vault Plaster Cornice

Vault Cornice C0016 - 108mm Projection x 97mm Depth x 3005mm Length
£27.15 excl VAT

Lattice Plaster Cornice

Lattice Cornice C0017 - 138mm Projection x 150mm Depth x 3025mm Length
£29.00 excl VAT