Our fluted and ribbed plaster panel and dado designs can be applied to interior ceilings and walls as a means of elegant decoration. Our plaster mouldings are hand crafted at our factory and can be offered with an installation service if required.  

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Plaster Panel P2053 - Length 2090mm, Depth 158mm, Projection 25mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2046 - Length 2060mm, Depth 102mm, Projection 25mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Panel P2039 - Length 1975mm, Depth 89mm, Projection 16mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Panel P2031 - Length 1832mm, Depth 64mm, Projection 20mm,
£10.50 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2004 - Length 912mm, Depth 29mm, Projection 12mm
£7.00 excl VAT