The Hodkin and Jones Egg and Dart plaster panel and dado mouldings are characterised by egg-shaped ovals alternated with downward pointing darts. All our egg and dart plaster mouldings can be supplied, fitted and delivered by Hodkin and Jones, contact us for more information.

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Plaster Panel P2021 - Length 1805mm, Depth 48mm, Projection 17mm
£12.50 excl VAT
Plaster Panel P2009 - Length 1985mm, 35mm Depth, 14mm Projection
£11.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2036 - Length 1860mm, Depth 81mm, Projection 37mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2032 - Length 1837mm, Depth 64mm, Projection 37mm
£14.50 excl VAT