Originating from ancient Greek design, the iconic design - Egg and Dart, features egg-shaped ovals said to represent a shield which are alternated with downward pointing darts which were thought to represent a spear. Hodkin and Jones offer a range of fibrous plaster cornices with the classic egg and dart style which can be supplied directly and fitted.

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Grand Egg & Dart Plaster Cornice

Egg-Dart Cornice C0073 - 295mm Projection x 263mm Depth x 2960 mm Length
£49.00 excl VAT

Enriched Vine with Egg & Dart Cornice

Plaster Cornice C0072 - 298mm Projection, 135mm Depth, 3000mm Length, 430mm Pattern Repeat
£49.00 excl VAT

Oak Leaf with Egg & Dart Cornice

Plaster Cornice C0071 - 280mm Projection, 167mm Depth, Length 2500mm, Pattern Repeat 380mm
£49.00 excl VAT

Rose Flora with Egg & Dart Cornice

Plaster Cornice C0070 - 275mm Projection, 167mm Depth, 3000mm Length, 305mm Pattern Repeat
£49.00 excl VAT

Georgian Cove with Egg & Dart Cornice

Plaster Cornice C0069 - 167mm Projection, 157mm Depth, 2700mm Length, 63mm Pattern Repeat
£32.40 excl VAT

Egg & Dart with Bead & Reel Cornice

Plaster Cornice C0068 - 175mm Projection, 175mm Depth, 2745mm Length, 110mm Pattern Repeat
£32.40 excl VAT