The Hodkin and Jones beaded range of plaster panel and dado mouldings can be applied to ceilings and walls and come in various sizes to suit all requirements. Our beaded panel and dados can be supplied directly and we also offer a fitting and delivery service, get in touch for more information.

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Plaster Dado P2047 - Length 1970mm, 104mm Depth, 39mm Projection
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2040 - Length 2059mm, Depth 91mm, Projection 21mm
£19.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2035 - Length 2105mm, Depth 70mm, Projection 19mm
£17.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado P2001 - Depth 20mm, Projection 10mm, Length 935mm
£11.00 excl VAT
Plaster Dado and Panel P2002 - Length 1200mm, Depth 25mm, Projection 15mm
£7.00 excl VAT